Who I am?

As a Devon Rex Cat breeder with many years of experience, we believe in the fact all kittens respond to the manner in which there raised. Our Devonrex cats and kittens know love from the day they are born and return the love. They have clear eyes, happy attitudes, and adapt to a new home with ease. Our Family provides our Devon Rex kittens a stress-free happy healthy comfortable environment.so you should be confident that you will take home a beautiful Persian kitten For Sale that is right for you and your family

Proper feeding, timely vaccination. We never keep our feline friends caged hungry or lonely. Devons’ personalities develop under well-kept conditions and we pride ourselves on our breed’s personalities.

We are a progressive, innovative, and continually strives to preserve the highest quality Devon Rex kittens to be lovely companions. As the longest standing breeder of Devon cats breed we offer the expertise and customer service that our clients deserve. Having the added advantage of time on our side has allowed us to surpass even our own expectations of how well we can maintain the traditional purebred Devon Rex Cat. Each time the next generation of mating is achieved our program is moved further forward on the quality curve.

Our mission is to deliver to our clients healthy and quality Devon Rex kittens. our kittens have been vet checked and certified healthy by licensed veterinarians who inspect our kittens friquently.

Breed With Love In Our Family Home